Will investment bankers be replaced by robots?

There are four kinds of jobs at risk for robots and AI


– Jobs that can easily be automated with current technology include many manufacturing and food service jobs, as well as other jobs that involve predictable physical activities – such as the operation of machinery and the picking of fruits and vegetables.

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– Jobs that are currently difficult to automate include those that involve managing people, providing social services, delivering health care, teaching children, and managing natural resources.

– low skilled jobs, highly skilled jobs, creative jobs and finally repetitive tasks.

The robot revolution is predicted to have a huge impact on the career paths for young people, with many professions being replaced by robots or automation. In the UK, some experts are calling for a new National Living Wage to be introduced in order to ensure that workers still have enough funds to live on. The time has never been better for young people who have a passion for creativity and problem solving.

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